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  • 5 simple ways to shop consciously

    5 simple ways to shop consciously

    Shopping may be simple, but we’re here to share some positive habits that you can introduce into every day. Whether you want to shop sustainably or just smarter, our 5 rules will not only bring you confidence but put your best foot forward into making better fashion choices. Bring a shopper bag Our number 1…

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  • The importance of sustainable fashion

    An introduction to sustainable fashion Why should we shop more consciously? What does sustainability mean? We’re here to answer the key questions when shopping sustainably, why it’s so important and how to reap the benefits of doing so. Whilst the overall concept can be daunting, this blog holds just enough to get you introduced into…

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  • Your autumn/winter wardrobe staples

    Your autumn/winter wardrobe staples

    Autumn has officially arrived, and winter won’t be far behind it. As we’re spending more time outdoors having to adapt to our new normal, our wardrobes need to complement this too. The Clothes Hanger is here to share the staples you need for your wardrobe that will see you through these colder months. The ‘everything’…

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