The importance of sustainable fashion


An introduction to sustainable fashion

Why should we shop more consciously? What does sustainability mean? We’re here to answer the key questions when shopping sustainably, why it’s so important and how to reap the benefits of doing so. Whilst the overall concept can be daunting, this blog holds just enough to get you introduced into a conscious shopping mindset with the basic facts of the sustainable fashion movement.

What does ‘sustainable’ mean?

Being sustainable can be defined as the ability to support environmental, social and economic factors whilst maintaining our natural resources, making sure future generations can also sustain their lifestyle. Where sustainability reaches into fashion, sustainable fashion is produced in responsible ways, with both planet and people in mind.

Brands that act responsibly and are openly transparent, use materials that don’t disrupt the planet and care for its factory workers are not popular in this space. Our task is to ask questions, become informed and create positive change where transparency is the norm.

In your own home, caring for your clothes in the right way, washing at low temperatures and being on hand to mend any wear and tear, means you’re reducing the carbon footprint of your clothes. Learning to wear and love your wardrobe will prolong their life and stop new unworn clothes making their way into landfill – win-win!

Shoppers have the power to change the fashion landscapeall you have to do is be conscious of what you buy.

How can I shop sustainably?

Thinking about sustainable shopping habits, you’re doing something right by reading this; The Clothes Hanger can make you money on what’s already sitting in your wardrobe. Around 30 billion pounds worth of clothing is sitting in British homes, so we’re here to change that. Our agency can be the tool to develop your personal style and shop your favourite designers without the designer price tag, because “you don’t need to buy new clothes to enjoy a haul” (Fashion Revolution, 2020).

By shopping second hand, you are saving unnecessary clothes making their way to landfill (around 140 million pounds worth per year) and boycotting the ‘wear once, throwaway attitude’. With people-power we can drive a sustainable fashion movement in our local community, ensuring fashion stays loved and is used to create positive change.

Who can I turn to for more guidance?

Keep an eye out on our blog for more posts on topics surrounding sustainability. The Clothes Hanger are doing our utmost to encourage sustainable living and extend the life of your lovely garments. For a deeper insight, some great organisations to follow are:

  • Fashion Revolution – The global movement for a fashion industry that values people and the planet over profit.
  • The Sustainable Fashion Forum – A community of curious minds tackling new trends and ideas within sustainable fashion.
  • Eco-Age – A sustainability and communications consultancy that provides daily content for an actively sustainable consumer.
  • Clean Clothes Campaign – An organisation focused on improving working conditions in the global garment industry.

Shopping with sustainability in mind not only helps the planet, guides our consumption mindset but it also is worth saying how amazing it can be for your wardrobe. Comment below your thoughts on sustainable fashion and be sure to let us know what you’d love to see next.