5 simple ways to shop consciously


Shopping may be simple, but we’re here to share some positive habits that you can introduce into every day. Whether you want to shop sustainably or just smarter, our 5 rules will not only bring you confidence but put your best foot forward into making better fashion choices.

Bring a shopper bag

Our number 1 tip – a shopper bag is our eco-friend, handbag hero and all-round lifesaver. Since the plastic bag charge was brought in, sales of single-use bags have dropped by 90% (Defra). That’s not including ‘bags for life’ which have been most people’s alternative – they dropped by a disappointing 2% (FactCheck). Despite these figures, in the fashion industry around 180 billion plastic bags are made each year to deliver and protect new clothes (Fashion For Good). So, save your pennies and the planet at the same time, and remember to bring a shopper bag next time you visit The Clothes Hanger.

The capsule wardrobe

Curating your very own capsule wardrobe is the best bet for an eco-warrior and second-hand shopper. A capsule wardrobe is a smaller, considered selection, that utilises key pieces that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. With more outfit choices comes less unnecessary purchases. Next time you shop, think about what the item will add to your wardrobe, what you could wear it with and how often.

Is that my size?

Body confidence starts here, it begins with knowing your size, being proud of it and not letting that perfect dress have a hold on you when it’s two sizes too small. You may have fallen in love, but a mindset of “I’ll fit into it someday” or “I’m sure I can squeeze” just isn’t healthy. We’re here to promote a positive relationship with your body and the clothes you choose to wear because no one feels comfortable in trousers too small. Remember, the number on the clothes tag means nothing, if it fits and you feel good, wear it!

Stay local

Shopping in your local community is more important now than ever before. When you shop local, you’re not growing a billionaire’s bank account, you’re helping a neighbour’s success in their venture. Slow the supply chain and spend in your home town, Horbury is full of independents’ – get familiar with them.

Does it bring me joy? 

Finally, as Marie Condo says, “does it bring you joy?” – if the answer’s no, then you probably don’t need It in your wardrobe. Try and curate yours with clothes you love, and you’ll be on your way to an organised life.

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